"We saw Justin tonight and he blew my and my wife's mind! You're a champion and will be there with the best before you know it. Best magic I've ever seen, hands down."

- Andrew. M





"Really inspiring work!"

- Greg. V





"Magic you cannot believe or disbelieve - pure wonder. Thank you Justin."

- Jaki. S





"Had my mind blown late last night by this magician... Legally blind and still able to do some of the most incredible things I've ever seen..."

- Graci. C





"Thank you for letting me see you perform. Short but memorable."

- Yaron. H





"Saw Justin last night at the Union Square station & have to say I believe in magic now--AMAZING."

- Diana. K





"Saw Justin tonight and I was blown away. Awesome stuff, very impressive!"

- Dan. P


"Oh my God, meeting you last week was one of the best things that's happened to us all winter. amazing amazing magician!"

- Stephanie. W





"I've never seen a magician like you, yesterday was an amazing day!"

- Axelle. L





"You are so amazing I'm squeeling."

- Yindeli. C





"This guy is a trippp."

- Justin. M





"I saw you last night and  was so in awe of you that I told all of my friends about you. I can't wait to see you perform more magic soon. "

- Patricia. S





"Saw you today at the Folk Festival in Edgerton Park in New Haven - you were unbelievable!"

- Kristine. D