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"Oh my God, meeting you last week was one of the best things that's happened to us all winter. amazing amazing magician!"

- Stephanie. W

 "Justin was the best live magician I've ever seen. I've seen him twice and he had new and amazing tricks each time. He came to Google and did multiple performances throughout the day and delighted and inspired everyone." -Salvatore Anthony Tirico

"I've never seen a magician like you, yesterday was an amazing day!"

- Axelle. L



"Justin completely blew me away. I had such an amazing time, and wished we could have him stop by every week!" - Marfo O.



"You are so amazing I'm squeeling."

- Yindeli. C


"Justin is unbelievable to watch! He is interactive and his tricks are both engaging and surprising! You won't be able to take your eyes off of him." - Michelle A.


"Justin Sight was a very impressive performer, showman, and entertainer. His skills would be very much appreciated in both a party setting and  professional setting.  I would recommend him to any family/friends for upcoming events if they are considering getting live entertainment because he will highly impress the crowd with his various performances."- AJ B


"This guy is a trippp."

- Justin. M




"We saw Justin tonight and he blew my and my wife's mind! You're a champion and will be there with the best before you know it. Best magic I've ever seen, hands down."

- Andrew. M




"Really inspiring work!"

- Greg. V





"Magic you cannot believe or disbelieve - pure wonder. Thank you Justin."

- Jaki. S





"Had my mind blown late last night by this magician... Legally blind and still able to do some of the most incredible things I've ever seen..."

- Graci. C





"Thank you for letting me see you perform. Short but memorable."

- Yaron. H





"Saw Justin last night at the Union Square station & have to say I believe in magic now--AMAZING."

- Diana. K





"Saw Justin tonight and I was blown away. Awesome stuff, very impressive!"

- Dan. P


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"I saw you last night and was so in awe of you that I told all of my friends about you. I can't wait to see you perform more magic soon. "

- Patricia. S





"Saw you today at the Folk Festival in Edgerton Park in New Haven - you were unbelievable!"

- Kristine. D





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And many more

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